Emergency DPF/DEF code delete and LIMP mode reset

If your diesel truck is slowing down, due to engine derate mode, we can help you reset the codes, so you could get to your destination on time! 

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Diesel Truck Codes Diagnostics

What we do:

ERASE DPF/DEF/Exhaust System related errors 

If you found yourself stranded within 30 miles of Downtown Los Angeles, due to DPF/DEF related errors,  we can reset your onboard truck computer and and if necessary, perform a forced DPF regen to get you going.

What we don't

We do not repair actual problems

We do not perform any repairs, general or DEF related. We only reset the dreaded 5 miles/hr DERATE or LIMP mode so you could drive normally until your destination or the nearest repair shop.


In few simple steps we can help you identify the problem and dispatch a diagnostic team to you! 

Describe the problem

Send us a text at 424-454-0440 with a description of your problem. Attach a picture of dashboard

Let us think

We will review the problem and come up with a solution to help you get back on the road as soon as possible

Help is on the way

Once we confirm all necessary details, we will dispatch on of our technicians to reset the engine derate mode


We service  our customers 24/7. Let us know when do you need help and we will be there for you!


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Get help now!


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Get help now!

Trucks and engines that we service

DEF and DPF systems are installed on 2010+ heavy and medium duty trucks

Have questions?

Let us know if you have any additional questions

In order to determine if we can help you we need the following details: 1. Year, make and model of your truck 2. Error code image from your dashboard 3. Make sure that your engine is warm prior to our arrival in order to activate the forced regen.
When a failure occurs, this will prompt you a “Exhaust System Failure” notification on your dash and will derate your vehicle to seek service. You’d need to take the filter off the vehicle and send it to an approved DPF cleaning shop so they can assess how badly it’s clogged. If the filter is a good candidate for cleaning, then you’d perform that service and reinstall the filter on your vehicle.
A forced DPF regen is performed when a diagnostic scan tool, starts the regen process. The DPF soot load could be too high for a passive or active regen to occur, meaning you’ll need to perform a forced DPF regen.
Absolutely not. We are emergency service, and will only erase the active, and inactive error codes to reset the derate mode and return you back on your route.